Ny-Ålesund, international arctic research on Spitsbergen, 30 June 2004

A personal photo report from Maarten Loonen
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View to the north
Aerial view while landing Ny-Ålesund, Spitsbergen, is an international village dedicated to research. A state-owned Norwegian company named Kings Bay AS is running the town. The town is a hot-spot for a wide range of disciplines from atmospheric sciences, biology, geography to glaciology. There are monitoring stations to measure e.g. air polution or changes in the earth surface. Biology studies include both terestrial studies on tundra ecosystems, geese and nesting seabirds but also marine studies. At present, a state-of-art marine laboratory is build.

View to the south
View to the southeast Above, we are looking from the road in front of the oil tanks to the village. To the left, we look more to the east. On both pictures, you can see the four London houses. The second house from the right is the Arctic Station of the Netherlands.

The Netherlands Arctic Field Station

View to the east. The second house from the left is The Netherlands Arctic Field Station
The goose crew of 2004 De London houses are historical buildings, originally used as family houses for miners. The second house from the left is the Arctic Station from the Netherlands. In front of the impressive Kongsbreen glacier, you can see the island Prins Heinrichøya. Behind the houses London III and London IV, you can see the lake Solvatnet. This lake is the major goose moulting site in the fjord.

To the left, the starting crew of 2004 is shown. From left to right: Jurjen Annen, Daan Vreugdenhil and Maarten Loonen Below you see the inside of our hut.

Postal address: P.O.Box 0, 9173 Ny-Ålesund, Norway
The living room of our station The kitchen The sleeping room downstairs
The living room of our station. The kitchen. We are not preparing our own meals anymore but have to join the rest of the village. The sleeping room downstairs. Upstairs there is a storage room and one more sleeping room.

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